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January 11, 2019

The ultimate guide to finding your wedding venue

Wedding Planning

the ultimate guide to finding your wedding venue

When I plan a wedding for a client one of the first tasks is to find the perfect wedding venue. When the venue is booked we can decide on the number of guests to invite making it so much easier to set the total wedding budget. So we always start with the venue!

which wedding venue is right for you?

To know what to look for we have to figure out what kind of wedding you want and where. Maybe you always dreamt of a formal celebration at a luxurious castle, where the focus is on a high-end three course dinner and beautiful surroundings such as well manicured gardens? Then you know that you should be looking for that special dream castle. But maybe you have no clue at all and are open to different kinds of places and events?

create a list of what you want

Start by creating a list of things that you want to prioritise for your wedding day. I always recommend that you and your partner do your own lists so that both of you can add the things that are important to you. Ask yourself questions such as what kind of feeling do you want your guests to experience? Do you want your wedding to be formal or laid back? Is your focus on really nice food served to the tables? Or are the decor and flowers something that are close to your heart? Do you want to be close to home? Or get married in another country? Are you planning on inviting just your closest friends and family or do you want a big wedding with more than 150 guests? When you have completed your lists and decided on what you want your wedding to be like we start to look for potential venues to visit.

where to find wedding venues

Ask your wedding planner! We know where to look and who to ask. But if you don’t have a planner you can search on Google, look at wedding blogs and ask friends if they have any hidden gems for you. Search for places in the area you want to have your wedding and pick out three venues to start with. Contact them and book a meeting, if possible ask them if you can book a lunch during your visit so that you get the chance to try both their food and service.

questions to ask the wedding venue

Make sure to bring along a list with questions to ask during your venue visit. Here is a list of “must ask” questions to start with.

1. Do you have a minimum guest count?
2. How many guests can we invite?
3. Do you offer accommodation for our guests? How many beds are available?
4. Can you create a custom menu for us and if so which cuisine is your speciality?
5. What is included in your packages?
6. Are there any limitations when it comes to decoration such as candles and flowers or rentals?
7. When is check-in and checkout?
8. How long are we aloud to party? Can we book extra hours and if so how much does it cost?
9. Where do you usually have the party?
10. Can people in wheelchairs access all areas? What can you do to help?
11. Parking places for guests, how many are available and are they included?
12. Do you have a contract? We would like to see it please.
13. How and when do we pay?
14. Do you have any vendors to recommend?

what did you think about the venue?

After your visit it is good to write down what you liked and any other ideas you had during the time you were there. Ask yourself questions like:

1. Were the staff welcoming?
2. Did you get answers to all the questions you asked?
3. Do the venue’s interior and outdoor surroundings go with your wedding colours and concept?
4. Was the food good?
5. Can you fit the number of guests that you want to invite?
6. What was really good about this venue?
7. What could be better about this venue?

when you have found the right wedding venue

Set the date and ask to sign the contract and pay the deposit. And please do read the contract! And if there are any questions about it, no matter how small ask for answers!

I have had the pleasure to create weddings at many beautiful venues, to see a few of them visit my portfolio here. Good luck with the venue hunting!


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