For as long as I can remember flowers has been a huge part of my life. As soon as I was old enough for a walk in the forest, my grandma, who also became my best friend and role model later in life, would teach me all the wild flowers names. We spent hours looking through her  floral books to find the variety that we picked up in the forest. Learning all about them. I can still smell the warm soil and tomato plants in her over grown green house and hear the bumblebees in her violet rhododendron bushes like it was yesterday. These memories are so precious to me. Every flower reminds me of the time grandma and I spent together, our endless friendship and love for each other, all the fun we had. And this is why flowers brings me so much joy! 

I could never imagen that those walks in the forest would be the beginning of what I do today. Designing unforgettable wedding designs and poetic floral arrangements for weddings all around my home town Halmstad, Sweden and the world. I am truly living my dream, and I am so grateful for it.

To book an appointment, request a quote or ask questions, please send an email to kontakt@thewildrose.se or call +46(0)761698440. I look forward hearing from you!

Kindly Linnéa